Borgo Sant’Ambrogio is situated halfway between two valleys rich in culture, natural beauty and excellent food and wine: the Val d’Orcia and the Val di Chiana.

It is not far from the Via Francigena, an ancient roadway dating from the 9th century which connected France to Rome, and a route taken by many pilgrims visiting the Holy See and the Tombs of St. Peter and St. Paul. It is still travelled by visitors who come here from all parts of the world.

In the nearby area of Pienza, you can visit the ancient monastery of Sant’Anna in Camprena. A number of scenes in Anthony Minghella’s famous film The English Patient (1996) were shot inside its solid walls, and it still attracts a considerable number of film-lovers.

Sant’Ambrogio is located between three delightful lakes: Chiusi, Montepulciano and Trasimeno. The unspoilt lake habitat, together with its flora and fauna, is protected within a Nature Reserve, and includes some very rare native species ranging from the seldom sighted Glossy Ibis (Plegadis falcinellus) to the beautiful white water lily (Nymphaea Alba). The lake region is also a crossroads for migratory ducks travelling from Northern Europe to Africa. You can quite often come across groups of these birds resting on the small lake in the Sant’Ambrogio estate.