Park and grounds


The Borgo is built around a central square or piazza, paved with the finest Cortona stone pebbles interspersed with green grass.

A massive secular olive tree dominates the square and frames the spectacular view of the surrounding hills, olive groves and sloping fields. The typically Tuscan color palette, painted by countless artists and captured by writers over the centuries – a symphony of reds, greens and golds – stretches out for miles in every direction. Perfect for the staging of dinners and wedding receptions, the square is also an ideal space for shows, meetings and any kind of gathering.

Our guests are greeted in the reception, a unique space with an exposed brick vault opening up onto the piazza. There, a little corner selling local products and a well-stocked wine canteen (accessible through a tunnel hollowed out of tuff centuries ago) will introduce our guests to the wealth and variety of the local wine and food culture.

Between the apartment complex and the building hosting the restaurant and the meeting room stretches out an enchanting park, with meadows and olive trees, purple lavender bushes and vibrant yellow brooms. During a relaxing walk through the park, our guests will come across many different species of local flora, such as rose, iris and agapanthus. The size and versatility of the park makes it ideal for the staging of happy hour, live music, entertainment or any other event.

Paved central square 340 sqm - Suitable to host lunches and dinners for up to 200 people seated
Wide park on multiple levels Over 5,000 sqm
Suitable spaces for: Civil, catholic and symbolic ceremonies
Wedding receptions
Relaxation and wellness treatments
Parking Up to 85 cars