Val di Chiana

In geographical terms, the Val di Chiana covers a very large area, including twenty-three municipalities around Arezzo and Siena and into Umbria. In cultural terms, this delightful area is very much more: a priceless heritage made up of many centuries of history and tradition.

In the history of literature, the region echoes with the famous voices that have celebrated it over the centuries: from Dante Alighieri to Johann W. Goethe. Natural parks with oak and chestnut woods, ancient pines and olive groves, form the natural setting for towns of immense cultural interest, such as Arezzo, Cortona, and Montepulciano.

The food and wine culture of the region is hugely rich and varied. The breed of cattle specific to the region has given its name to the famous “Chianina” beef, from which we get the celebrated “bistecca alla fiorentina”.

Ever since the Etruscan age, the Val di Chiana has been known as a land of fine wines. The favorable climate in the region enables the production of both top quality wine and olive oil.