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Experience the unique atmosphere of a 1600 residence immersed in the colors and scents of Val D’Orcia


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The Property

Borgo Sant’Ambrogio is an elegant historic residence converted into a luxurious accommodation of excellence, located in the heart of Tuscany between the Val di Chiana and Val d’Orcia, in a privileged position for its beauty, history and culture. The property, surrounded by hectares of unspoiled nature, includes an organic farm and a large resort for hospitality and the organization of events and ceremonies.

Wedding Venue

We create your event as you have always dreamed of, guiding you step by step in planning and implementation, taking care of your wishes and transforming them into reality.


Stay in our elegant and bright Suites, the different proposals will make you fully perceive Tuscan architecture, allowing you to enjoy unmatched landscapes undisturbed.

Explore the Borgo


Covered by rib vaults and illuminated by enchanting torches, it can accommodate up to 120 people


The infinity pool overlooks the woods, clearings and the pond belonging to the Reserve, creating a magical atmosphere, ensuring tranquility

Conference Room

The numerous windows contribute to making the environment bright and welcoming and making it the suitable room for various types of events


Ancient and intimate, it is the perfect location for small wedding ceremonies

The History

The history of Borgo Sant’Ambrogio has its roots in the seventeenth century, a period to which the oldest part of the structure dates back. The south and north wings and the buildings that house the farmhouse, the restaurant and the meeting room are from the beginning of the last century.
During the eighteenth century Sant’Ambrogio became a monastery of nuns dedicated to the homonymous Milanese saint of which the structure preserves a portrait. Although the frescoes that embellish the structure are from the nineteenth century, layers dating back to the previous century have been found underneath. In 1971 the property, belonging to the Contucci family of Montepulciano, was taken over by Ranieri and Maria Teresa Apollonj Ghetti who, together with their six children, chose Sant’Ambrogio as a setting for enjoying the riches of Tuscan nature. Even today, 50 years later, the heirs carry on the work undertaken by Ranieri and Maria Teresa, preserving the natural and historical heritage at their disposal through elegant and discreet renovations and redevelopments aimed at enhancing the relationship between past and present.


Biological Agriculture

Sant’Ambrogio is a certified organic company. Respecting its history, the company uses only natural substances and traditional production techniques to offer only excellent products: cereals (wheat, spelled, oats), cheeses, timber, truffles (white, black and scorzone truffles) and oil. extra virgin olive oil.

Our oil, whose annual production exceeds three thousand liters, boasts the ICEA certification of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cold pressed through mechanical processes and unfiltered, it is then bottled at the Fregoli oil mill in Pienza, a long-time collaborator of the Sant’Ambrogio farm.

Nel cuore verde della Toscana, l’azienda gode delle condizioni geografiche e microclimatiche ottimali per offrire una produzione di qualità, nel rispetto dell’equilibrio naturale e della biodiversità.

La Natura

Sant’Ambrogio is located within an extraordinary nature reserve in terms of extension and pristine beauty. Eight hundred hectares of greenery are part of the Reserve. The sounds of running waters and the songs of local animals are the soundtrack in this magical painting.

The estate surrounding the village is covered with holm oak and oak woods that extend for 125 hectares and includes some truffle fields with a total area of 10 hectares and 60 hectares of fields for the cultivation of organic farm products.

The two streams that delimit the property to the north and south, Trove and Tuoma embellish the already enchanting green clearings, forming small waterfalls in some sections that offer magnificent plays of light.

The area is also recognized as a hunting wildlife reserve. Walking through the fields it is easy to meet roe deer and pheasants and in the evening it is not uncommon to come across hares, owls, porcupines and badgers along the paths; on the one hand this guarantees our guests an exclusive and reserved experience while on the other it offers the opportunity to admire the rich fauna that populates the estate undisturbed.


The estate is located in a strategic position, which allows you to quickly reach the major points of historical and cultural interest in the region.

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